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Dighouse Construction and Governor’s Visit

In 2006, the survey of the immediate vicinity of the ancient site of Komana has been concluded. The Komana Archaeological Research Project will continue with a survey of the chora of Komana, further geophysical survey as well as excavation work in the coming years. The project has already become the first and largest research project of the province of Tokat. The major aim of the project is naturally to better understand the site’s and region’s archaeological past, its history and cultural development through the ages. However, it also aims at creating public awareness concerning the past, the archaeological and cultural heritage as well as the environment. This is, of course, only possible through local support.

Hence, preliminary meetings have been held in May 2006 with the Governor of Tokat, General Secretary of the City Council and the Tokat Municipality and these meetngs have clearly demonstrated the local authority’s eagerness to support the project.

In September 2006, the Headman of Bula village, Ahmet Yılmaz donated his family land to the project and the construction of the dighouse began. Tokat Governorship, City Council and Municipality provided support in cash and in kind. The foundations of the dighouse were built until the end of the survey season of 2006. The Governor Mr.Erdoğan Gürbüz, General Secretary of the City Council Mr.Muhlis Yeşilyurt and the Vice Director of the Municipality of Tokat Mr. Sami Dutoğlu visited the dighouse site on 12th of September 2006 and once again expressed their support. The constrcution of the dighouse completed in 2007. In addition to the expenses that are covered by the local governance, the dighouse will need further support for various needs.

We invite evryone with cultural and environmental awareness to support our project.

We would like to thank again to the local governance of Tokat and the people of the Bula village.

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